Who We Are

For almost four decades, Ridge House continues to be one of the leading organizations in Nevada providing a recovery-oriented system of care to individuals in recovery from substance use disorders. Through compassionate services and strategic programming, we empower our clients to become independent and productive community members. 

The agency was started in 1982 by the Kairos prison ministry and has been in existence for 37 years. Ridge House was initially a prison re-entry program to assist individuals to reintegrate back into the community. Over the years, our program has expanded to include referrals from the court system, attorneys, other treatment centers, self-referrals and many other sources. The agency accepts all forms of Medicaid, some private insurances, and receives grant funding for those with no resources.  

Ridge House offers two American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) levels of care- residential 3.1 and outpatient level 1. Clients are adults, men and women, ages 18 to senior citizens. Our professionals work to assist individuals in dealing with a variety of substance and mental health disorders, and ensure each client is given the tools to succeed. Ridge House currently has 8 residential homes (6 for men and 2 for women) housing 54 individuals with one house specifically for Veterans.

Our work focuses on our clients, and their success impacts our entire community. By guiding our clients to self-sufficiency, we save the community a significant amount of money, time and resources; while breaking the cycle of poverty, addiction, and recidivism.


Our Recent Impact

Our Recent Impact

We work with every client to:

Aid in recovery

Many of our clients require assistance in dealing with their substance and mental health disorders. Through our recovery oriented system of care, our clients are provided with treatment individualized to their specific needs.

Obtain employment

Becoming self-sufficient is an important part of the transition to independence. We provide all of our clients with the tools to obtain a job and/or enroll in school. Through our connections with many local businesses, our clients are successful in obtaining stable employment.

Develop skills for independent living

Financial education, social skills and communication skills are fundamental to lifelong success. We provide all of our clients with the skills necessary to be successful at Ridge House and for years to come.

Establish stable living

As the cost of housing continues to rise in our community, the Ridge House Service Coordinators go to extraordinary lengths to ensure clients have an affordable place to live after treatment.

Who We Serve

Our services are open to any adult with substance use and co-occurring disorders. We value the potential in each and every one of our clients and have programs in place to meet their individual needs. The key is to break the cycle of addiction and help our clients return to lives of wellness and stability.